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Feb 1st. — What is your earliest Pokémon memory? Describe whatever comes to mind, and go into detail about your first initial feelings regarding it.

The first time I was ever exposed to Pokemon was through the anime and totally by chance. I was just flicking through channels one day and came across it - it was the episode where Ash gets Bulbasaur. I thought Bulbasaur was really cool and started watching more of it... and then at some point found out that there were games of it too! I got Blue and my brother got Red. :) I was totally into the toy craze too and ordered a Hasbro Pikachu beanie from a catalogue soon after falling in love with the franchise. I remember bringing it to school and nobody had any idea what it was. XD;

Feb 2nd. — Talk about your current favorite Pokémon game. Maybe the one that has the most hours clocked in on it… and why it's significant to you.

I still have a soft spot for Crystal, with the whole two region thing and a lot of my favourite Pokemon in there! Soul Silver/Heart Gold is still one of my favs in that regard, I loved being able to walk with your Pokemon and hope they bring that back someday. Having said that, I enjoyed the characters/story of Black and White and even though it wasn't as fleshed out, I really liked the Pokemon additions in X/Y!

Feb 3rd. — Describe your Pokémon gameplay. How do you play the Pokémon games? How do you choose your Pokémon team? Have you ever done a nuzlocke? Do you play through it quickly? Do you use EXP Share or train your team? Do you nickname your Pokémon, etc.

Back in ye olden days of Red and Blue I had a thing about nicknaming Pokemon... I couldn't do it. XD They were all just called whatever they were and I thought nicknames were weird. But at some point I have started nicknaming them all now! I think it makes things a bit more personal and find myself more attached to them that way. I try and have a balanced team with a mix of types, though I have issues choosing between favs as a lot of them are the same type (especially part flying/psychic :|). Playing through the storyline, I'll keep my starter with me, but afterwards anything is fair game! I always use EXP share when I can because... I'm lazy. :'D I HAVE tried Nuzlocke recently but usually fail pretty hard at it lmao. XD I lost an X/Y one pretty early... I feel like a failure of a trainer. ;A; It is interesting that it forces you to use Pokemon you otherwise might have ignored though! As for pacing, I've never been one of those people that fly through the game and try and beat all the Gyms in a day. I prefer to take a leisurely pace and seek out new Pokemon in each area/explore everywhere. :3

Feb. 4th — Music can be powerful, but Pokémon music can be even more powerful! Let's take this day to let our followers know what your favorite Pokémon tunes are. It could be from the anime, the games, and/or the movies. Maybe even include links in this post!

This is haaaaard, I do like a lot of tracks in BW and XY. Also the Mystery Dungeon Series has some awesome music. <3

Feb. 5th — Not to create "gen wars" but out of the 6 current regions, please rank your regions from most favorite to least favorite. Why is that region your #1?

I'm always terrible at this but um... Gen 2, Gen 1, Gen 5, Gen 6, Gen 3, Gen 4

As a region, I never cared much for 3 or 4... they weren't that memorable to me. :'3 I don't really know why 2 is my fav, I just always enjoy coming back to it??

Feb. 6th — Legendary day! What are your top 3 Legendary Pokémon designs and concepts? And ultimately, which one is your favorite legendary? Why?

Like my favourite Pokemon they do tend to shuffle around a bit, but my favs are: Mew, Mewtwo, Articuno of the legendary birds, Suicune of the legendary beasts, Lugia and Ho-oh, Rayquaza of the weather trio, Reshiram of the tao trio, Giratina, Xerneas and the Therian Formes of Tornadus and Thundurus. Shaymin is pretty cute too. :'3

My ultimate favourite is either Reshiram or Lugia because big feathered fluff dragon and white whale dragon!

Feb. 7th — Let's talk about Pokémon types. What is your favorite type? Top 5 Pokémon from that typing? What is that one type of Pokémon you can't stand (least favorite) and why?

It's a toss up between dragon, flying and psychic but one of those three. |D

Top 5 Dragon: Reshiram, Flygon, Dragonair, Tyrantrum, Altaria
Top 5 Flying: Honchkrow, Braviary, Archeops, Talonflame, Xatu
Top 5 Psychic: Abra, Mew, Girafarig, Espeon, Gallade

All my favs tend to be one of those types. I don't really activately hate any of the types... I never used to use bug or poison, especially poison, but Gen 6 fixed that!

Feb. 8th — You've automatically been transported to the Kanto region on this day! Talk about what city/town you'd live in Kanto, and what are some of the first things you'd do in the Kanto region?

Lavender Town j/k. I love to live in Fuschia City just for the Safari Zone tbh. And you can bet the first thing I'd do would be to have a go at it!

Feb. 9th — What is one NEW Pokémon type you'd like to see in the future? Describe a Fakemon of that type you'd also create for the future to include into the World of Pokémon. (Feel free to draw it, as well!)

Well... I still always liked the idea of a Light/Holy type. I came up with the idea of a solar-powered snake once. XD Hmm... let me come back to this one!

Feb. 10th — What was your FIRST ever starter Pokémon? Why did you choose that one? Do you still have them? Which region do you think has the best starter Pokémon, and what is your overall favorite starter?

I *think* it was Bulbasaur, because of that one episode of the anime (yay, a Pokemon I recognise!) Although I tend to switch between him and Charmander now (sorry Squirtle ;o;). I wouldn't have him anymore though... well, unless he's still sitting in my Blue game. :'D I honestly can't decide which one had the best selection, but the first two Gens were always hard for me to choose from because I liked them all! My favourite starter is Froakie at the moment with Treecko a close second. ^^

Feb. 11th — Boost your ego as a Pokémon Trainer day! Take this day to name (and maybe post pics?) of all shiny Pokémon you've ever caught. Talk about the most difficult shiny you had trouble finding. Also, what Pokémon did you first raise to lvl. 100? How many Pokémon have you raised to lvl. 100? What's the closest you've come to completing your Pokédex?

Oh boy, list of shinies off the top of my head that I personally caught/bred (not gifts or in-game): Graveler, Swablu, Golduck, Pikachu, Dedenne, Spearow, Chansey, Ponyta, Vulpix, Tepig, Spritzee, Girafarig, Eevee x 2 (now Espeon and Umbreon), Heracross, Weedle (sent to a friend)

All of them are evolve now apart from Pikachu because I like him as he is. |D Blissey was a waste too since I can barely tell the difference. :'D Tepig was by far the hardest to get, I don't know how many eggs I hatched on multiple train journeys to/from London and on and off at home before I finally got one. x.x

I believe the first Pokemon I ever got to 100 was my original Mewtwo or Charizard! I don't actually have that many 100s any more, maybe 3 or 4 in my latest game? I completed my original Blue Dex (aside from Mew because he was impossible to get back then) and ORAS Dex. :3

Feb. 12th — What is your saddest Pokémon moment and memory? Did it make you cry? It could be something that happened in real life, or something about games, anime, and storyline.

I can't think of anything too major, but Mystery Dungeon gave me all the feels, as did the Lucario movie and Bye Bye Butterfree ;w;. Also that sad theme in BW always gets me.

Feb. 13th — Happy Eeveelution Day! Eevee is "#133" and Eevee is a huge part of the Pokémon World. Please rank the Eeveelutions (including Eevee) from your most favorite to least favorite! What new Eevee typing are you hoping for next? Give a name to that future Eeveelution, too!

Feb. 14th — Happy Valentine's Day! Who is your favorite Pokémon Ship? It could be from the games, manga, or anime! If you don't ship… here's another - if your partner had to propose to you using the tools of Pokémon, how would you want to be proposed to?

Feb. 15th — Merchandise Day! Post pics of your Pokémon merchandise… how much do you own? What is your most prized Pokémon merch? What's the story behind it? If you don't have any, what Pokémon merchandise would you most want?

Feb. 16th — Villain day. You've been captured by a Pokémon villain team; they will force you to join their squad. When you awake, which villainous team are you hoping is staring down at you? Rocket, Magma, Aqua, Galactic, Plasma, or Flare? Why? Also, Prepare for Trouble! Who is your favorite Team Rocket TRio member? Jessie, James, or Meowth? Why are they your favorite?

Feb. 17th — If you could go back and live one specific Pokémon-related memory… which moment would go back to and why?

Feb. 18th — Pokémon Anime Day! "The Lost Lapras" aired this day in Japan 17 years ago! Talk about your favorite Pokémon anime series, and why it's your favorite. Also tell us about your overall favorite Pokémon episode!

Feb. 19th — Creepy Day! The Pokémon World offers many spooky aspects. What is the creepiest Pokémon you can think of? Have you ever had a creepy Pokémon experience in real life or playing the games? What is your favorite creepy Pokémon landmark throughout the regions? (Pokémon Tower, Lavender Town, Kanto | Mt. Pyre, Hoenn | Old Chateau, Sinnoh and Hallowed Tower, Sinnoh | Celestial Tower, Unova | Scary House, Kalos and Lost Hotel, Kalos)

Feb. 20th — Talk about one of the most difficult moments in the Pokémon games for you. It could be getting through a landmark, a certain gym leader, or a certain part of the plotline. Name as many as you like!

Feb. 21st — Mega Pokémon! What is your opinion on them? What are some of your current favorite Mega Pokémon and name 5 Pokémon you hope to see have a mega evolution in the future.

Feb. 22nd — Now you've been transported to the Hoenn region! What trainer class are you (gym leader, elite four, bug catcher, breeder, etc.) and what city do you live in? What do you spend your day doing in this region? If you don't want to do Hoenn, you can do any other region.

Feb. 23rd — Pokémon are now real. Who is your main Pokémon partner that travels beside you outside its pokéball? Out of all 700+ Pokémon, who are the other 5 that travel in your party with you on your Pokémon journey?

Feb. 24th — Talk about what Pokémon means to you personally. Elaborate on a few personal stories for your followers about Pokémon's meaning to yourself.

Feb. 25th — Looking to the future! With Gen 7 quickly approaching the Pokémon horizon, what do you hope to see Gamefreak add or change to the Pokémon main-game series?

Feb. 26th — Honestly, how long do you think you'll play and like Pokémon? Talk about Pokémon and your future with it.

Feb. 27th — Happy #PokémonDay! Celebrate this day by playing Pokémon, listening to its music, and looking forward and backwards on your own personal Pokémon journey. Talk about some of the highlights of your Pokémon career and what you hope to accomplish in the future.

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